Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Fib Timing + AAPL Calls

June 14,2011

AAPL gaped up and ran today and we are still looking for $335 to start to scale out of our trade. The move on the option was 60% today along.  If AAPL did not gap we would be sitting on over 150%.

From the last post we were looking at how we had 21 bars high to high and 8 bars high to low in the correction and you can see from today how powerful those types of calculations can be. Some traders think the market is random but we do not and you can see how a simple time calculation can get you ahead of the curve.

I love how CNBC can spin anything. The last week all they were saying was how bad the market is and giving us every reason in the world to be short and now today they say “This is the strongest day we have had in two months”. How can it be that one day it is the worst and the next it is the best?

This is why we do not listen to the general public , why? Because like they say the general public is wrong. Have you ever heard the saying “if I would have done the opposite I would have made money”? We look at the opposite in depth with our members and try to alert them to these levels ahead of time.

AAPL video is posted here:

We have pinpointed two more stocks that are ready to make a move in our members area.

Happy Trading,

PS. AAPL was up $5.80 today and if you look at the snapshot you will see the 315 calls were up $5.55. Think about how you can participate almost dollar for dollar with using weekly options.

The cost to carry the 315 calls on 10 contracts was 12k to make $5,550 today.

If you bought 1000 shares of AAPL for the same position it would have costed you 237k to make $5,840.


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