Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

ISRG calls again?

July 14,2011

We played ISRG on the last leg up and booked a nice winner. We are watching ISRG again and if it takes out the $362.00 high that would trigger us into the $390 calls. The calls closed today at $4.50.

We are still in AAPL weekly calls and they expire tomorrow. We entered for .70 to .80 cents and they had a high today of .92 and then closed back down at .24 cents.

When trading options that expire in a few days it is important to know that the risk is the entire option. Taking a 100% loss on the option is like taking 100% of your stop on a day trade or swing trade. To own AAPL for .70 to 80 cents the risk is low for what could happen with AAPL.

Happy Trading,

PS. Remember there is a huge timing window the next 24 hours. Sometimes these timing windows fall right as we go into the weekend and the result is Sunday night the futures are up or down in a big way. We would only enter ISRG if it goes through our trigger price.


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