Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

SP 500 Daily Update

This post is from one of our members that is very advanced with cycles and timing:

Attached is a chart of the cash SP 500 Index, on this chart I have indicated some of my main bread and butter cycles that tend to indicate reversals.  These cycles are both minor and major.  As you know, I sent you in advance these dates about major turns  in July and the potential outcomes, and here we stand.

We are now approaching one of my important cycle turns,  there are too many cycles that are significant coming in this Friday and over the weekend.  After these impact, there are a few  trading cycles next week, they are not as important as this Fridays but they are half cycles of some of the major ones.  They will have an impact due to the nature of the current market slide and happen to land on Tuesday, which is the FOMC meeting date.

After that, August 12th, 16th and major on Aug 22nd (look out).    Aug 22nd is very important, the cycles are too important and too many models line up there.  They filter into Aug 28th, 2011.

This month has too many timing bands that are associated with volatility, the key though will be August 5th, 2011 that is going to set the tone for a while.  As we see what impact these turns have on Friday, I can better elaborate on the rest of the months timing bands.



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