Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

60 Min NQ Blue Bars

On our NQ 60 Minute chart we had blue bars prior to the new high we made before we fell back down 82 points from the high. Our blue bars are designed to give us a area on the chart that tells us that the wave is most likely over. We do not try to make it where it picks the exact bar in doing that we would have too many false signals.

We also had the blue bars at the 2050 low that came in the day before the low. It does not matter what time frame you use the blue bars will give you a good idea when to stop trading in the direction of the current wave. We always want to sell into the strength of the move or know to move our stops up tight.

From this high the NQ can fall back down to the 2200 level then the 2100 level but we will have to see how it looks after the 2100 low.

These emails are from our members:

“From your member video last night I have the confidence to take the short today and hold it much longer than I would have in the past. Shorted the NQ at 2297 on the 3 minute and held down to the 2260. I am still in half the position hoping to see the lower target. Thanks for the video and the confidence…”

” You nailed the move!”

“Played IWM puts and FAZ calls today for nice gains”

“Used the Turbo Scalper on FAZ today and caught 7 points. Great call on the $55 support yesterday in the room”

Like we said a few weeks ago the waves were going to start to get larger and now is the time to make the money and have the rules and methods in place to take the trades and be able to hold them with confidence.

Happy Trading,


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