Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

AAPL Timing Update #2


On July 30th we did a AAPL Timing Video saying there was a 1.56 price/time square. From that $405 high AAPL fell back to $355 and the uptrend support held AAPL and then AAPL broke the $405 high to make a new high at $423

The prior high of 12/24/07 at $208 had symmetry price/ time of 1.88.

The 1.56 price/time is not as strong of a number as 1.88 but anytime we have price/ time clusters it is something to pay attention to very closely. Off the 1.56 square AAPL did fall 50 points.

Now that AAPL is to a new high we did our calculation again to see what it looks like and AAPL is at another price/time square of 1.74 and 1.78 (getting closer to the 1.88 which was the prior high of 12/24/07.

What this means is AAPL is getting closer to the 1.88 to equal a exact 1 to 1 move. In reality it does not have to be exactly perfect 1.78 is very close to 1.88.

Going from the 11/17/08 low to where we are now is .74  (148 Bars)

Going from the 1/19/09 low to where we are now is .78  (139 Bars)

We are just looking at both of the lows so give us odds of the general zone at that lows.

So if you look at the chart we labeled the 1.78% and the 1.74% and you can see both of them are very close to eachother so in reality it does not make any difference we are just looking for a zone up where we are now to see if we are still contained in a time and price square and we are.

As AAPL goes up if it is still contained in price/time squares that means that AAPL is still contained in resistance even though it is going up. AAPL needs to find more strength to really break out of the resistance or it is vulnerable to have hard moves to the downside (like the last 50 point move).

We do not care what AAPL does long term. We are not bullish or bearish and we know we will get people saying AAPL is the best company in the world. Maybe it is , maybe it isnt we do not care we look at the chart and find ratios and patterns it does not matter the symbol. In reality I hope AAPL goes up I have many friends that work there but the chart is the chart and since it is at a all time high it is worth a post on the blog.

1st AAPL video:

Happy Trading,

PS. Notice how AAPL went above the $405 but did not close above $405 on the weekly chart. This means that since the 1st AAPL video we did was on a weekly chart since we did not close above the $405 it is like it never happened.



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