Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Position Update

LVS,AAPL and CRM are still looking good. The only one of concern at this point is CRM because it expires this month and CRM has been sideways the last two days. If we get some follow through tomorrow we should see a nice move on the options.

The 11,600 on the DOW was the symmetry support and that level has held and we are now approaching the 12,300 highs. The markets are still vulnerable for a decline down to 11,800 because the pullbacks up to this point have been minor. The fact that 11,600 is symmetry makes it enough to get through the 12,300 high and beyond.

Like we have said the markets can short squeeze from a level that seems overbought and it looks like we are setting up for that if there is any strength tomorrow.

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