Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Time Is Running Out

Time is running out if you have ever thought about joining eMiniSchool’s private client group. Starting January 1st our private client group will be closed.

What is our private client group? A private client member is someone who has taken our full course for 4k. Being part of our private client group means you will receive Unlimited Support plus our Kill Zone and Turbo Scalp Indicators. It also means you will have full access to over 400 archived nightly videos, 40 hours of member webinars, Core CD which is 4 hours of education, Trading Articles and Unlimited FREE access to our new site * $3k Value*

Once you are part of our Private Client Group you are a client for life with no additional fees! *This is unheard of in this industry

Time is running out, this is it……….

Join by Dec 31st and you will get:

1k discount off the 4k price for a total of only 3k

Kill Zone & Turbo Scalp Indicators and Trading Methods

Free Nightly Video Package * Never pay for the Nightly Videos* $600 Per Year Value

Unlimited Support * Phone and email

400 Archived Nightly Videos * This is worth the 3k alone

Member Webinar CD – Over 40 hours’ worth of live market education * See what you learn on the Core CD live

Core CD – Over 4 hours’ worth of Trading Education * Foundation to your trading career

Trading Articles * 100’s of pages

BONUS #1: 100% Free access to our new site with all new videos courses. We are also going to do a bonus symmetry and timing course. You get it all for FREE!

BONUS #2: Three months FREE to our new Stock&Option Trading Service

BONUS #3. You will also get a 4k Discount Coupon for the Elite Module at  . This means you can purchase the Elite Package for only $1,980. This is a 4k discount coupon good for six months!

We teach Basic Patterns, Complex Patterns, Multiple Time Frame Patterns, Inverse Patterns, Symmetry, Corrections, Extensions, and Scalping with Range and Tick charts, and Option Trading.

You can go back on this blog and see our market update alerts and see how we have called the turning points on Daily, 60 and 10 minute charts. We have traded options and stocks on this blog. With our course you can learn how we break down the markets to get the turning points.

When our new site is completed there will be new courses on Fib Timing, Our own timing method, symmetry and a new calculation on how to pinpoint targets using ratios that we can almost guarantee you have never heard of that work on all time frames.

We were going to only offer this to the first five traders that sign up but since this is our last offering for our private client group we will take on as many traders that join from now until Jan 1st. There is no sales pitch you either find value or you do not.

Please Note:  What we do is more complex than most educators so if you are brand new to trading this might not be for you. What we do takes time to learn so we only want serious traders to join our group.

Nothing is hidden we have been doing a free blog for over two years and here are some quick posts to see how we look at the markets.

Market Updates-

June 16th We caught the 6/20 low ahead of time with Fib Timing

July 1st is the 181 point NQ rally off the 6/20 low

July 9th Catching the high off the 6/20 low

July 22nd we have another timing update that caught the high to the exact day.

DOW Symmetry Update Video. Did you get caught short here?

Option Trading (In the last 10 months 10k went to over 30k trading two contracts on each trade – Winners and losers)

May 26th NFLX good for 630%

July 5th ISRG and CMG Video

July 21st Updating ISRG ,AMZN, CMG locking in 400%

Oct NFLX +800% Overnight!


Stock Trading-

May 2nd we were up 41 points on PCLN

May 10th  We hit ISRG for +32 points and CMG for +48

Quick hit on AAPL +4


Now is the time if you have ever thought about joining our group. To join please email us at and we will give you the link to sign up.

Happy Trading,


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