Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

GLD & CDE Update – AMZN


I have been out. I had surgery on Monday and I am just now getting back to looking at the charts.

If you played GLD it was a nice winner on the Jan 153 calls. CDE was another way to play it from this alert:

If you are still in GLD the next target is $170 and the next target from the $153 entry.

CDE next target is $32.50 from the $24.00 entry level.

We have looked at AMZN a few times from the $170 low and AMZN still looks bullish with a target of $201.50. The Weekly 190 calls had a range of .50 to $1.30 today and that would be a good way of playing it even though they expire in two days. It would be a quick trade in and out tomorrow if AMZN takes out the $188.50 level. Do not wait for a update on AMZN as I still might not be here to update the exit but I wanted to share what we are looking at for our members this week.

If AMZN does not make the move this week we will watch it next week. The NQ is at a level of resistance so the key would be to see if the market is strong tomorrow before just jumping in weekly calls that expire in a few days.

We will be back in full force next week.

Happy Trading,


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