Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

AMZN Feb 190/195 Calls


If AMZN takes out the $187.65 high AMZN would most likely make a move to $193-$195 quickly. We have a upper target on AMZN at $212 that could be hit this week. A good way to play it is the Feb 190 calls that closed at $1.45 and also the Feb 195 calls that closed at .55 cents. To buy the $195 that would be just a extra play you are buying the $190 meaning; the true trade is the $190 the $195’s are just for fun betting on a bigger move.

With the risk being defined with the option if AMZN is strong at the open you could get in earlier it is just less confirmed which is considered higher risk. The risk is the option either way.

Something to keep an eye on..

Happy Trading,

PS. Our new paid blog is still in the works I have just been so busy with multiple things and was out with surgery. Unlike other sites that have to charge monthly fees we actually trade so it is not as much of a rush as other sites. We will get it going soon and we have a few more things that we have been working on that could be really good for everyone who follows this blog.


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