Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Very Important Market Update


We have been more quiet that usual on this blog over the last two weeks because there is not much to talk about. The market has slowly been grinding up and not much has happened. If you played AMZN there was a 600% move on the Weekly Calls and a 150% move on the April Calls. At this point we are better off to trade less and only take the trades that look like AMZN looked going into this last week.

The big question is where do we go from here?

The DOW is coming into a timing window into the next two weeks.

Next week is 233 bars from the 10/8/07 high

The following week of 4/2 is going to be 161 bars from the 3/2/09 low.

Until the market really makes a move down that we can get odds on any short is aggressive like we said on the FAZ calls. At points on the chart it is worth the risk to try to get aggressive and most of the time we will be in profit to then move the stop to even quickly and if we catch it great and if not it is a even trade or a small loss.

Going into the next two weeks is that time where it could pay off to be aggressive and be more of a cowboy than we usually are. If you go back on this blog we have had great results without being a cowboy so there are great opportunities if you just stick with the trend which most people have not and I can tell this by just looking at a Daily chart and seeing the slow short squeeze all the way up to where we are now.

The meaning of this post it to just say that we are approaching a timing Fib Window that could be the reason we put in the top that everyone has been waiting for. The move down if it happens could be hard to start with and get even bigger as it develops. Of course, we want to wait and see how the market trades before just jumping into a counter trend move.

Keep an eye out for these two windows over the next two weeks.

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