Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

BIDU Hit $151 Target – CRM


On 4/3 we noted how BIDU could make a quick move to $151 and yesterday BIDU hit that target. CRM is also looking good. There were no actual signals on these two on this blog we were just looking at them.

CRM looks stronger than BIDU at this point.

Market Update:

Where we are now on the charts is we are trying to hold minor support. The trend is still up but this pullback is only minor which means we could go up on the 60 min and fail to make a new high then start a more major correction. Right here we have to be fast with our trades because we do not know if the bigger pullback kicks in so we want to take profits quick. This means if you are in BIDU or CRM do not let those stocks start to pullback on you , you want to play them tight with stops.

BIDU $143.60 stop level

CRM  $152.00 stop level.

Again we are not officially in these but I know some are so I wanted to do an update.


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