Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

60 Day Fast Track – Starting April 23rd


Hi Traders,

60 Day Fast Track Program – Starting April 23rd

We were approached to do a fast track program for a group of traders and after we have thought about this we are going to open the group up to everyone who wants to attend. The main thing to take away from this letter is that the Fast Track Program starts April 23rd. The last day you can join this group is April 21th so you have time to watch our video/ webinar course before coming into the group.

The bonuses of the group:

1)     60 days free access to our new live trading room ran by Jeremy

2)    16 Webinars over the 60 days. Every Tues and Thurs night 7pm EST we will hold a 1 – 1.5 hour Webinar. You must be a Fast Track client to join these Webinars

3)     60 days free access to our new Option Trading Service

4)    The last 4 Webinars will include Option Trading strategies

5)     60 days free to the STM_Alerts

6)    Elite Modules with DivDots

7)     Discounted Elite Module Pricing (Save 2k)

Being part of this group means you will have access to support, other members Q&A, intense 60 day training and more…
This is a onetime offer meaning; we have no plans of every doing this again. Once we start we are not looking back and for that reason we are not allowing traders to join this group after April 21th. If you have ever wanted extreme support and a group that has one focus this is the time to take action and get involved.

Our Fast Track Focus for this group:

1)     Understanding the STM Templates

2)    How to quickly understand the condition with our Condition Chart Templates

3)     Know which patterns to use and why on the higher time frames

4)    Know which trades have the highest odds of failing

5)    Breakthrough Wave Training

6)    Know when NOT to trade

7)    Why we use what we use

8)    And much more…

With 16 -24 hours of education in our Webinar room we firmly believe that after the 60 days you will know exactly how to approach the markets on a day trading basis and as a bonus we are going to look at higher time frame analysis with the use of options. We are holding the Webinars Tues and Thurs each week at 7pm EST time so everyone can attend. All Webinars will be recorded in the event you must miss a live session.

Again, this is a onetime offer that will most likely never be offered again.

If you want to join this group you must purchase with the discount coupon below. Not only are we throwing in all the extras but we are also giving a discounted price on the Elite Package.

Coupon Code: Fast1

*Only good for Elite Module purchase*

Price $2,495  (2k Savings)

Once the coupon expires on April 21st it is gone.

To join go to and register for free if you have not yet registered and click the products tab then “All products”. Scroll down to the Elite Module then on the next page is where you enter the coupon code.

If you have any problems you can email support at


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