Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

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Learn which time-frame is “in play” to stay in tune with the true market condition!

Patterns may often fail, but understanding why a pattern failed is key. Patterns that form against the true market condition have a high likelihood of failing. Knowing which time frame is in play along with the true market condition can provide a trading edge.

Join Sean McKissen as his introduces how you can identify the true market condition along with tips to anticipate when a pattern may fail. Sean will also introduce how you can use the failure of a pattern to potentially trigger you into a trade with the trend or counter trend.

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This live event will introduce how traders can:

Clearly define the trend
Break down the larger trend into medium and smaller
trends to recognize if the pattern is still true or false
Position size based on the true reality of the market
Place stops based on the true support or resistance
Trade wave –to- wave on any time frame

Sean McKissen is a stock, options and futures trader with over 17 years of trading experience. He teaches advanced ratio, timing, patterns and multiple time frame trading and has built proprietary trading indicators to help traders confirm patterns. Sean is the founder of and and runs a trading blog with stock and option picks and market update alerts.

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