Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Free Download – Want to trade options with us?

We have received emails asking why we are not updating this blog as much as we used to and the answer is because we are starting to post to our new site. The new site still has some work to be done but it is up and running and you can download the desktop messenger. There will be a update to the messenger next week but it is a easy re-install so there is no reason to wait.

It is important when you get the download link in your email to open the email and download the messenger with internet explore. You want to save the zip file to your desktop then unzip it and install it from the folder that opens up from the zip file.

Keep the email so you can always have the download link when we do a upgrade and so you do not forget your password. Once we have the final version at that time you can change your password to whatever you would like.

Make sure to click the “Remember me” box on the messenger so you do not have to type it in each time.

To get our updates you must log into the messenger each morning like you log into Yahoo messenger or any other instant messenger system.

We booked another 100% on TZA this week. We also did a AAPL trade and got stopped even.

TZA update-

Download the messenger from our home page by clicking the download button on the middle of the page. Again, please use internet explore when downloading anything from our sites.

NOTE: The messenger will be a free download for right now but it will not be in the future so if you want it get it now.


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