Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Member just booked 400%


Did the move up this week suprise you?

We were positioned for this move up with calls. We booked some nice winners but it was nothing compared to what our member booked today which was 400% with our NFLX JULY 70 Call Option Trade.

Right now the market is coming into a very important zone. Right here is where you need to anticipate the waves and have odds on what they should do before they even start.

We knew traders were frustrated over the last week because most traders are using lagging indicators and the pattern we are in NO indicator will help you. The only thing that will give you odds is you knowing the patterns and how one pattern flows into the next pattern so you know if the current pattern is still true.

Patterns are the only true odds in this market.

See the post here –

Right now you can get all three services for the price of one. This offer will not be around long so if you have been following our blog with free market updates and free stock & option picks for the last year you can see how we call turning points ahead of time. If you want to start profiting from them join now and get the reduced monthly fee.

You can go back on the free blog on the option site and look at all the turning points over the last year and see how we played them and the profits we have booked. It was all done in real time for free so you could see the power of what we are doing. Trading only 2 lots on each option trade was well over 37k for the last year. It is all on the blog if you take time to go back and read through it.

Join us for the next round of trades –

Make 10 Times Your Money –

“Nice Play on CDE and FDX”

” I got in FDX calls at .17 cents yesterday and they closed today .51.  I  am happy”

” First week with your service. I am impressed so far”


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