Stock, Option and Futures Trading

Stock, Option and Futures Trading

3-Hour Strategy Summit Marathon, Thursday July 19 at 11:00 AM/CT

Dear Trader:

Are you trying hard, but not where you want to be as a trader? Or are you already successful, but want to improve your trading even more?

If so, register now for our Super Strategy Summit on Thursday July 19 starting at  11:00 pm/CT. We’ve asked six great traders to share with you the strategies, tactics and mindset that have allowed them to be consistently successful in their own personal trading. Best of all, you don’t have fly to Vegas and sit in a crowded room to hear these traders. Just sit back in front of your computer and learn from these experts.

11:00 AM/CT to 11:30 AM/CT – Dan Passarelli of MarketTaker on “How to Adjust Losing Income Trades Back Into Profitable Territory”

You may be familiar with that “sick feeling.” You’re in a perfect options spread where the probabilities are in your favor. Then, big news shocks the underlying stock and your position is suddenly underwater. Oh the pain. Fortunately, veteran options trader Dan Passarelli knowsa simple trick to get your position back in the green. Make sure you attend this session, whether you trade option spreads or not. You never know when you’ll need this.

11:30 AM/CT to 12:00 NOON/CT – Brad Powell of Right Angle Trading on “How ETFs Can Elevate Your Trading”

Did you know that if you trade ETFs, you’ve got a special edge? Most traders don’t know about it, but here’s your chance to learn. Brad Powell trades this edge every day and…you can learn about it too. Whether you’re looking to build your retirement account and extract profits on a swing or intraday basis, Brad will teach you his approach and, how ETFs can be applied in current market conditions to enhance portfolio performance.

12:00 NOON/CT to 12:30 PM/CT – Brian Neall of TradetoBeFree on “Investing and Trading Stocks with Rapidly Improving Fundamentals”

Ever buy stock with a perfect technical setup, only to see it…plunge? Let stock trader Brian Neall show you the one critical ingredient most traders ignore: Fundamentals. In his own research, Brian shows you how this one technique would have quadrupled your money over the past five years while the overall market went nowhere and many popular methods had mediocre results. Learn how Brian applies this to his own personal account.

12:30 PM/CT 1:00 PM/CT – Sean McKissen of eMiniSchool on “Anticipation: Most Important Aspect of Trading”

Why do many traders consistently lose? Simple. They do not correctly anticipate what the market is doing to do next. Now a professional E-mini trader will show you the surprising cure for your woes. Learn the little-understood truth about what you need to anticipate. And then find out the only 3 questions you must know to understand the odds. From there, you’ll get “unstuck” minor variables that fool most traders, and get on track for steady and consistent results.

1:00 P.M/CT – 1:30 PM/CT – Alan Morrison (aka Professor Alan) of Dimension Traders on “Indicators Winners Swear By”

Can you trade with uncanny accuracy and no uncertainty? Ever wonder how indicators are really used by successful traders?  Find out from Alan Morrison how 5 years of research has unlocked the secret of blending common and proprietary indicators to accurately signal entries and exits in many markets. In this webinar you will learn what these indicators are and how they are weighted and integrated to pinpoint exact entries and exits.

1:30 pm/CT to 2:00 pm/CT – Colin Quina of on “3 Strategies for Binary Options That You Can Apply This Summer” 

Binary options are one of today’s fastest growing new trading vehicles. Colin will provide you with a full overview of how binary options provide you with an “all or none” opportunity to profit, based on price crossing a threshold over a specific time frame. Don’t miss this session because Colin will then walk you through 3 strategies that are designed for different market conditions.

***Can’t attend? No worries, if you register, you’ll automatically receive a recording of the event in its entirety after the event is over this Thursday.


Happy Trading,



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